It’s easier than ever to keep your faculty web profiles up to date!

Faculty web profiles help your institution recruit faculty, surface collaboration opportunities, raise funds and more. Be sure they’re always up-to-date by powering them with the data in Watermark Faculty Success. Set up the underlying integration in minutes, not months, with our Web Profiles module.

How? It’s simple:

  1. In Faculty Success, build a self-service report to define the content you and your faculty want to display.
  2. Copy and paste the snippet of code generated for you by the system into your content management system of choice.
  3. Apply the style that fits your institution.

That’s all it takes to have integrated web profiles for your university website that showcase your faculty’s most current and important accomplishments. The bottom line: minimal coding needed from your IT team. 

See it in action

Click on Faculty Directory to see a few examples. Then contact us to learn more about using this module to power your faculty web profiles.